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Boles-Ingenito Ltd. offers superior freshwater pearl necklace and akoya pearl necklace designs in a variety of colors, styles, and sizes. Additionally, with every cultured pearl necklace or freshwater pearl necklace purchased, you receive automatic enrollment in the pearl exchange program so you can switch out your necklace at any time for a new style or color. See our new pearl earring collections and 54 inch freshwater pearl strands.

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Boles-Ingenito Ltd. offers 2 unique freshwater pearl necklace styles: the classic 18 inch variety and the extravagant 54 inch variety. In both of these styles, we use pearls straight from the oyster at our pearl farms employing the finest craftsmen and highest quality materials.

If you're looking for a classic look, or are buying a gift for someone special and don't know exactly their style, choose the 18 inch cultured pearl necklace collection on the left. If you want flare and everyone's eyes, all the time, pick the right-hand 54 ich collection. It's that simple.

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