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Freshwater Pearl Earrings & Akoya Pearl Earrings | Excellence and Value


Pure perfection. Boles-Ingenito Ltd. freshwater pearl earrings or akoya pearl earrings are truly a landmark in your appearance and wardrobe. Nothing compares to a flawless set of pearl earrings, and ours are faultless. Know that any size will be welcomed as a beautiful addition to anyone's pearl jewelry collection. 

Additionally, purchase your pearl earrings without remorse knowing that you found superior quality and price. Each pair of freshwater pearl earrings or our akoya pearl earrings arrives with our signed guarantees and 60 day hassle free return policy.


Freshwater pearl earrings

The finest freshwater pearls at tremendous value in a variety of brilliant colors for casual or formal wear.

Astoundingly beautiful saltwater pearls of the highest quality and standard.