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Visit our pearl education page to learn more about how to grade pearls, and the important differences between natural pearls, freshwater varieties, and saltwater pearls.

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Freshwater Pearl Necklace designs in multiple colors and designs to fit your needs backed by the Boles-Ingenito Ltd. umbrella of guarantees and 90 day no hassle money back policy.

Freshwater Pearls & Akoya Saltwater Pearl Necklaces | Excellence and Value

Flawless Design, Superior Quality, Pure Vibrance. Our result is paramount - a piece of pearl jewelry crafted specifically for you with the highest quality akoya saltwater pearls and freshwater pearls.

Your freshwater pearl necklace or akoya saltwater pearl necklace, rest assured, will complement your lifestyle either showing off at an invitational gala or as a new addition to your office outfit. The best's appraisal of at least 4.0 times our prices, guaranteed.

• 60 day No Hassle Returns
• Pearl Exchange Program Enrollment
• Best Price and Service Guaranteed

Find the finest freshwater pearls at a tremendous value in brilliant colors for casual or formal wear.

Astoundingly beautiful saltwater pearl necklaces comprised of the highest quality akoya pearls.

Freshwater Cultured Pearl Necklace and pearl earring designs
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